Ana Miura

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We had the pleasure recently of doing a small run of CDs for local Ottawa artist Ana Miura, who I’m of the firm opinion is one of the best undiscovered musicians in Canada currently.  I worked in the music industry for about four years with a small independent label that I founded back in 1999, and have seen a full spectrum of different kinds of artists…some good and some who needed work….in a variety of genres. Ana is one of only a handful that I’ve come across that I think truly has a gift that needs to be shared. I think this seriously only happens every once in a while. Her music is fantastic.

Check out the track listing and streaming audio from 2005’s “Tenacious Heart” at the CBC’s New Music Canada,

After that you’ll probably want to pick up her record at CD Baby.

Her Myspace page has some of the new material. Check out “Here I Am”.

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