Effective CD & DVD Solutions 101: Splash Pages

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We wanted to call some attention to something we’re really pushing as a method to moving a CD or DVD project forward as effectively as possible. We’re about education and knowledge, and since one of our goals is changing the way current and future clients look at CDs, DVDs, and USB Flash Drives as content delivery mediums, we wanted to discuss something we’re busy with currently. Splash pages.

The splash page is an effective way to refine what can be simple document duplication for inter office use or release to the public. Our short run clients usually approach us with a series of .pdfs, power points, images, and video clips, and are simply just looking for us to duplicate copies of an organized master disc that has the elements present. That’s fine, but we always suggest a splash page. Why? Well, we’ll explain.

A splash page has a variety of benefits, first and foremost, is that it enhances the experience for the user, even if you’ve just put together a series of forecasts or technical documentation that’s intended to be distributed to the 20 colleagues you may have. It’s considered media development, sure, but there may be a misconception of it’s cost because of that term. This may be minor, but it also enables the user to gain access to whatever elements may be required to view the materials, something that you might not have considered. Most people have Adobe Reader, but some don’t. We offer a link to download it in all our of our splash pages. If it’s a series of power point files, then we include Power Point viewer. If it’s a series of video clips, you can make them launch in Windows Media or develop a custom .flv player that’s in the content. Bottom line…the modern CD and DVD can significantly enhance the presentation of media if you allow yourself to consider some of the possibilities for even the slightest of projects. We offer three tiers of splash page packages, and they start at just short of couple of hundred dollars. The cost spread over the 100 units of a DVD order is manageable, and you end up with a much more refined disc product at the end of the day. When we consult with clients, we often refer to it as a method of simply ‘framing” your content or data to increase retention of the information. A series of .pdf files doesn’t have to boring, and ultimately, the intention is to ensure people look at what it is that you’re providing them. Interactive development doesn’t have to be thought of as expensive. This isn’t a five figure web project, but the intention here is to create awareness that just because you have a limited budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact and create a sense of passion about what you’re communicating.

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