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Posted on July 18, 2008 by

In one of our initial posts, I was talking about meeting the guys from Freshbooks, a trusty online based app that we use at Standard Media Services, for our invoicing and estimating. It’s great, and you should check it out. Well, this week, I was introduced to another great idea on the web. Customizable online portfolios via Carbonmade. It’s great for design companies of any size, and ideal for freelancers, copywriters, visual artists…just about anyone looking to show off their wares. Just when I thought I had been dazzled enough as I was attempting to have a Kettleman’s toasted sesame seed bagel with Swiss, an associate drew my attention to a collaborative web based service called Conceptshare. Check out the screen shot below.

Nifty idea, especially if you’re doing design work of any kind and want to collectively discuss with peers, colleagues, or clients. Increasingly, I’m getting the feeling that our computers, which are getting smaller but house bigger hard drives, aren’t going to need to be that big after all. The web could effectively be the one requirement to access everything you might need even as a large scale enterprise. It’s cool. Check it out.

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