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Every company is a customer service organization. It’s as simple as that.

A testament to a good one is how seriously they take that.

I’ll give you an interesting example of what I’m talking about. I recently went into my local convenience store, where for the last 3 years, I have been greeted with a personable and warm “Hello” by the man who owns it. I literally go in there at least 4 times a week, and have been for three years. I’ve gotten to know the man over this period of time, and he’s never been inconsistent with a greeting and making small talk with me as he’s identified me, I’m assuming, as a regular customer. His prices aren’t the cheapest in the city on things like canned pop or chips, but he’s quick on the register and knows me by my first name, just like every one of the other customers he has. He’s involved in the community, sponsoring a local kids’ soccer team at the community center nearby, and if you’re short some change on whatever it is that you’re buying, he waves his hand and tells you to “pay him later” before you take out your Interac card. He has a Western Union transfer service out of his store, and I have seen him happily helping customers, sometimes beyond his closing hours, get a wire transfer set up. He’s got delicious samosas, made fresh daily, at his store, and often can be seen handing them out as people run the aisles looking for whatever it is that they’re looking for. His store is impeccably clean, and his part time help is equally as motivated to please and keep you coming back. This is an example of a convenience store applying the basic principles and high standards of good business in a way that some Fortune 500 companies struggle with daily. He’s selling samosas, sandwiches, cigarettes, and soda. It’s available everywhere, but his store is packed for lunch and the purchase of even the most basic of things. He’s put together custom combos for the lunch crowd of a fresh made sandwich, chips, and a can of soda for $5.00! He recently broke his wrist, and today I saw him happily punching the buttons on the cash, unwavered by the hinderance of the plaster around his forearm.

This is inspiring, more so, because of the infrequency that I see it. You’d also never expect to see it in a setting such as a convenience store, but wherever the example presents itself, it’s just as important to note.

We’ve added an element to Standard Media Services that we’ve designed specifically to become better at what we do and to show you, our clients, that we’re committed to excellence as a customer service organization. We have a new Client Satisfaction Survey, that we’re aksing our clients to take part in if they wish, post completion of a project. We do it on a project to project basis, and it can be for a standard CD/DVD/USB order, or even for our longer scope clients who we’re engaged in creative services work or interactive development with. Post order, if a client decides to take part in the survey, we offer an incentive of upwards of 2-5% off of your invoice. We value the feedback, and it helps us keep on our toes.

Questions? Let us know at info AT standardmedia DOT ca. We look forward to hearing how your experience was with us.

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