The Green CD/DVD Order

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Is it possible to be green as a disc manufacturer? After all, discs are made of plastic, which is a petroleum product.

The answer is yes.

The disc portion of a CD or DVD order, whether it’s duplicated or replicated, is but a small component of the overall project. The polystyrene used in jewel cases and DVD amaray cases is where the greater landfill slew lies. We’re all about being as environmentally sensitive as possible, and we try to steer clients as much as we can (provided that the budget allows) away from using the heavier components of CD and DVD projects, which is hands down plastic packaging. Board stock pieces like Digipaks, Printed Mailers, and CD Wallets/Eco-Wallets have traditionally been more expensive. Once you start getting into partially recycled stocks or 100% recycled stocks, historically, it’s been over the top costly. These alternatives are already more expensive than what the norm has been, so when a client sees what has normally been a 15-25% premium for using a stock that’s been recycled, it can be harder to swallow.

So. That’s why we’re doing something different.

Standard Media Services does not charge a premium for using recycled board stock instead of standard print. That’s right, the price is the same. The differences in terms of gloss are slight, so if you’re getting a run of 1000 5 inch mailers, you’ll notice that recycled board stock tends to be not as bright, BUT, it’s 100% recycled card stock. We’re serious. You have the option between standard 15 lb or 12 lb card stock, in all Digipak, Mailers, and CD Wallets/Eco-Wallet product, or recycled 18 PT CCNB stock, and it’s the same price. We’re still offering our standard more than competitive costing on these pieces, we’re simply just making the option available at not added charge. I want to repeat that. You can package your CD or DVD order in 100% recycled card stock, and it’s not going to cost you any extra. When we explain to clients lately it seems like no one can believe us. There is no added charge for using 100% recycled stock….and we highly recommend taking advantage of it. Long story short…if you’re doing a CD order and think that going green is going to tack $300-$600 onto the cost of getting what you need done….don’t believe the hype.

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