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Ok. You’re Googling around the net looking for information or pricing on CD wallets or Eco-Wallets. Right? You’re at the right place. We have some packages in our Special Offers section on Digipaks and Jewel Cased product, but we also have unadvertisied specials on all of our printed board stock stuff. Contact us for an estimate on your Eco-Wallet and replicated CD or DVD needs. You can request a quote or email us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.
Our previous post on Digipak Printing in Canada generated a few questions about using card stock/printed board pieces from some people. To take it a step further, let’s take a look at CD wallets, as well as some of the variety of other terms they are referred to as, including, but not limited to “Printed Mailer”, “Printed 2 panel CD Wallet”, “Eco-Wallet”, or “Printed CD Wallet”.

Musicians and film makers are using these increasingly to eliminate any and all plastic in their CD and DVD projects. We’re finding some of our corporate clients are abandoning plastic trays on anything all together, following the lead by musicians and film makers. No plastic means that if your dealing with any kind of mail order, they arrive in one piece. They’re cool looking, introduce many design incentives, and are compact. This is the most environmentally sensitive way to package any kind of CD or DVD order. Are they more expensive. Yes. In our opinion, again, if you’re looking for something cool that has no plastic….these are great bets. You’ve probably seen a bunch of cool release froms bands like Broken Social Scene, Stars, MGMT, and Pearl Jam use these. They jettison back to the days of an authentic vinyl record release. They’re probably the closest thing you can get for a CD or DVD that is reminiscent of those gigantic LP sleeves you may remember if you’re our ages…

Lastly…you may want to peep an old entry on the blog about some of the considerations, environmentally…

The Environmental Approach to CD & DVD

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