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Have you googled “DVD Manufacturing Canada”, “DVD Replication Toronto”, or “DVD-9s Canada”? If you’re looking for replication, print, and packaging for a DVD project you’re putting together, you’ve come to the right place. Request a Quote from us, or contact us directly at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

We respond to what our clients and blog readers are asking questions about, and we dedicate blog posts to some of those things in an effort to create awareness, help demystify the process of getting CDs and DVDs produced, and to assist people in gaining knowledge and insight to better equip them in making informed decisions when it comes to choosing which DVD product is best suited for your needs. The concept of using a DVD-9 is a major one as of late, so as we strive in doing, let us give you a few things to take into consideration.

What is a DVD-9?

Simply put. A DVD-9 (8.5 GB of storage space) is a DVD that holds more data than a traditional DVD-5 (4.7 GB of storage space). A traditional DVD-5 product is single sided and single layered. A DVD-9 product is single sided, but double layered. Single sided means that you can decorate the face of the discs with a design via silk screening or offset print.

When should you use a DVD-9?

Clients should consider using a DVD-9 if they have a lot of data/video that exceeds the storage capacity of a single replicated or duplicated disc. You may be considering doing a multi DVD package or product, much like the way television shows are put together for seasons on DVD. As opposed to doing let’s say….10 DVD-5s to cover the full requirement of your project, you can perhaps do 5 DVD-9s. What impact does this have? Well…it will be cheaper, and not just on the manufacturing cost. Less DVD production means less requirement in the packaging options you may be considering. Instead of needing a 10 disc case, or even 10 individual cases for every DVD you may produce, you can condense. DVD-9 is highly accessible, and most consumers don’t even realize a lot of the time that what they’re putting into their standard DVD players (whether on a notebook/PC/or home video system) is actually a DVD-9. They’re not any different than a standard DVD-5 other than they hold more. Your project can be produced less expensively, and ultimately less bulky in most cases.

In a nutshell…something to consider. We’re about reducing the cost of a project if it can be done, and ultimately, passing that savings back to our customers to focus on something else related to a film release, project launch, or marketing initiative.

Looking for an estimate? Request a quote or send us an email at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

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