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You’ve googled “CD Eco Wallets”, “Printed CD Wallets” or “Eco Wallet Printing”. You’re looking to get something that has no plastic to house and package your CD or DVD project. You’ve come to the right place. Request a Quote or contact us directly for an estimate at info AT standardmedia DOT ca. We are always running specials on printed CD sleeves, CD eco wallets, and CD Digipaks, whether you require 200 or 2000.

We’re committed to demystifying the process of getting a CD or DVD project completed. In the last month alone, we’ve had a lot of our customers ask about the different kinds of Eco Wallets you can get for a CD or DVD project. There are so many different variations of board stock, that it’s kind of dizzying. We wanted to dedicate a blog post to the most widely used and popular kinds of Eco Wallets in use and what the differences are between them.

The Thumb Hole Eco Wallet (pictured above) is a popular type. It’s a standard Eco Wallet, only the panel that houses the CD/DVD has a thumb size imprint hole to facilitate pulling the media out. This piece is defined by this characteristic. Many music releases utilize this type of Eco Wallet. It’s easier to pull your disc out, but the thumb hole eats into a potential design on the inside right panel. The template is available here, and gives you a better reference of how it is laid out.

The Half Moon Pocket or Moon Pocket Eco Wallet is different than the thumb hole Eco Wallet in that it employs a semi circular edge to facilitate pulling the disc out. The benefit with this one is that you have more inside panel area to utilize for design. If you’re looking at doing a series of credits or liners inside, then you may want to consider this one. The template is available here.

The three panel Eco Wallet is pictured above. Also very popular. You get an additional panel above and beyond a standard 2 panel (birthday card style) eco wallet. More design space with the additional panel, and they look cool. The template is available here.

If you have 2 discs, you can expand an Eco Wallet to house two CDs or DVDs easily. They’re more compact and weigh less than a traditional jewel case. Something to consider if you’re a touring musician and are dealing with a mail order situation or hauling around merchandise city to city. Eco Wallets are of course a more environmentally sensitive choice for packaging your CD or DVD project as well.

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  1. I’m trying to get a quote on 500 & 1000 eco sleeves only. No cd just the case. I’m hoping you would be able to assist me because i need to have this done & ready before April 23rd.

    My phone number is 905 831 0931

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