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If you’ve Googled “Custom USB Thumbdrives Canada”, “USB Flash Drive with Logo Canada”, or “Printed USB Flash Drives Canada”, then you’ve come to the right place. Standard Media Services is one of the leading USB flash drive sources in North America, and we take great pride in assisting our customers with making informed decisions about the variety of different models, sizes, and aesthetic items to take into consideration when they are considering using custom usb flash drives. Request A Quote, or contact us directly at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

There are a variety of reasons to consider a custom USB flash drive as a delivery medium for your content and data. USB flash drives were commonly referred to as “promotional items” up until just a few years ago, and there was an element of “gimmick” associated with them, but the reality is that these pieces provide a value to the user that is undeniable, and the ROI on using them is easy to appreciate, especially when doing a comparison to what has been the most commonly used method of delivery for rich content and data – optical media (CD & DVD).

Most marketing and communications professionals can appreciate the number of impressions something like a billboard, a printed piece of collateral, or brochure might receive, and these kinds of results are always taken into consideration before an investment is made. Custom USB flash drives receive on average between 250-2,500 impressions per year, per piece. This is a high rate of visibility for any type of personalized marketing piece. Traditional optical media definitely doesn’t receive that kind of exposure. Custom USB flash drives also have a tendency to stay around with a user for a number of years, whether on a keychain, or within an office environment. The fact that they have a personal application (especially if the drive has anywhere from 1-4 GBs worth of memory enhances their usefulness greatly, and in turn, increases the likelihood of impressions and expsoure.

Another nifty trend that we’re turning our customers onto is custom flash development on a USB flash drive. Thumbdrives can drive traffic to your website in an innovative and intuitive way. Imagine a document presentation, powerpoint slide delivery, or series of videos designed inside of an autorunning animated menu, that dynamically delivers the content meant for the user, and enables a direct link throughout the course of the presentation? We’ve included a screen capture of a recent project for Public Safety Canada that does exactly this.


Bottom line, utilizing a custom USB flash drive as the selected method for delivering your content provides your user/audience a value added piece that increases the visibility of your brand, increases the likelihood of content access, emphasizes your brand in an innovative and current way,  and most importantly, strategically streamlines marketing efforts and brings everything full circle.

Questions? We encourage you to contact us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca or Request A Quote!

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