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If you’ve Googled “Ottawa Web Design Services”, “Ottawa Web Design Companies” or “Ottawa Web Site Development”, we’re glad you found us. Standard Media has a full team of web site professionals that can provide the array of essential services for any small businesses’ web site needs. You can view samples of work in our web portfolio or Request A Quote.

Web site design is a subjective thing. Everyone has their own take on what is a nice looking site and people will have different opinions on what works visually and what doesn’t. The initial presentation of a mock up and/or an interior page of a web site is always the most crucial first step with a client because even though we’re hired to be the web design experts, at the end of the day, regardless of what level of knowledge a client may have, they have to like what their web site looks like and believe in the design. You can discuss technical aspects of function or search engine optimization, but our visual responses preside over that switch in our heads of whether we like something or not. Add in the personal vested interest and desire of any business owner (Ottawa or not) to ensure that their business online is as well presented as possible, and this initial step in the process can be a tricky landscape to navigate.

We like to approach this first step of the project with a lot of homework being performed firsthand. We research and assess not only the local playing field, but the web’s market landscape.  We like to look at the what the major players in an industry are doing, how it relates to our customers’ customers, and how well the things that work accommodate the user, regardless of the computer they are viewing a web site on. Most importantly, and before all of this – we listen. Listening to the clients expectations, ideas, desires, and hopes with respect to their web site is the most important and crucial first step to assisting our clients with creating a web presence that works on all levels.

As an example, we recently deployed the new web site for Prinzo Fine Catering, one of Ottawa’s most established catering organizations. Prinzo wanted a web site that reflected their 40 year history in the industry, the quality of their fine catering services, and the care that they put into the details with respect to a client’s function. Prinzo Fine Catering has the distinction of being on most Government of Canada and Crown Corporation short lists as a vendor of choice for official galas and events, and the company has a reputation for high standard execution on major functions in the Ottawa Carleton Region, easily catering events from 100 to 1000 people with a full service approach that has earned them accolades since 1969. Their old web site had few images, and suffered a bit of a dated look for 2009. The company wanted to visually show their process, their food, and most importantly, they wanted to visually define their touch spanning the diversity of functions they’ve had the privilege of working on. We incorporated a constantly accessible photo gallery in most key sections of the site where the client can easily change images and galleries. These accessible galleries are organized by the service definitions. Socials-Galas-Soirees has a custom gallery, as do the other core services, namely Weddings, and Corporate Events. We consulted on the copy and introduced an SEO pass, as well as the site architecture on this project, and utilized a flash photo hero for the main page that capitalized on the visual presentation. As users visited the site’s home page, we also introduced quick access to a randomized gallery in the bottom portion of the page with clear and easy access to the main menu navigation, as well as a reworking of what the main menu navigation was, with each one’s associated sub sections. Menus was defined better, with the company’s culinary variety sub sectioned in a clean and easy to access method. This key section of the web site can be updated by the client easily. Some of the other efficiency items we addressed were a web form that required validation to minimize on spam and provided essential details for accurate a customer’s estimate back to Prinzo’s staff.

Check out or contact us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca for information on how we can help you with your business’ web site needs.

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