CD Duplication Canada – Adding CD Text to Your Audio Master

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CD Text on Your Audio Master

CD Text on Your Audio Master

If you’ve Googled “Adding CD text to your audio master”, “CD duplication services Canada”, or “Short Run Audio Duplication”, we’re glad you found us. We specialize in short run Audio CD duplication with eco wallets, printed jackets, digipaks, and jewel cases. Request a Quote or contact us directly for an estimate at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

A question we get regularly from customers manufacturing or duplicating their audio or music project with us is whether they can add CD text. There are couple of things to note. CD Text is supported in some – not all – CD players ranging from audio decks, to standalone carousels and mini systems. Secondly, if you’ve burned your CD master with software like Nero or Toast,  that allows you to manually associate titles and names with each track, then once you’ve burned your disc, it should call up the information provided the system you’re playing it on supports CD Text.

Adding song info for Winamp or Itunes is a different process alltogether, and we’re certain that this is what people are really asking about when we field questions like this. It’s a comparable result, but meant for broader recognition. In order to add song info, you or your mastering engineer needs to submit the information to the Gracenote Music Recognition Service, formerly knows as the CDDB (Compact Disc Database). In order to do this, you must either purchase Gracenote CDDB MusicID software and license, or have it done for you by a recording or mastering engineer who owns a copy. The submission of your MusicID tags, titles, and name associated with a recording generally takes about 48-72 hours to appear in the database, however, this is still not a guarantee that the textual designation associated with your recording will appear in certain players that dont’ support it.

Questions? Email us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

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