Custom Flash Memory Drives Canada

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Custom USB Flash Drives

If you’ve Googled “Custom USB Thumbdrives U.S.A.”, “Customized USB Flash Drives with Logos Canada”, or “Printed USB Flash Drives Canada”, then you’ve come to the right place. Standard Media Services is one of the leading USB flash drive sources in North America, and we take great pride in assisting our customers with making informed decisions about the variety of different models, sizes, and aesthetic items to take into consideration when they are considering using custom usb flash drives. Request A Quote, or contact us directly at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

We had the opportunity to recently pair up with Summers Direct Event Planners for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) conference being held in Banff, Alberta. The event is called Ranges To The Ridge and is being held at Banff Park Lodge Resort & Hotel in Banff, Alberta. The IABC in an internationally recognized body of communications professionals and  is committed to shedding light on, creating dialogue and promoting best practices amongst professionals within the practical realities of today’s communications landscape in the private and public sector.

We were one of the sponsors of the event, and provided the custom USB flash drives that will be distributed to the guests. Utilizing custom USB flash drives is one of the most effective ways to distribute literature for a conference or event in today’s environmentally conscious and digital age. Ranges To The Ridge was of course a fitting  event. You can read the conference sheet here.

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