Using A USB Flash Drive For Marketing

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If you’ve Googled “Customized Printed USB Flash Drives “, “Custom USB Drives Canada”, or Custom Printed Flash Drives”, then you’re in the right spot. Standard Media Services is one of the leading USB flash drive sources in North America, and we take great pride in assisting our customers with making informed decisions about the variety of different models, sizes, and aesthetic items to take into consideration when they are considering using custom printed usb flash drives. Request A Quote, browse through our Custom USB Flash Drive catalogue, or contact us directly at info AT standardmedia DOT ca.

Q: Why should I use a custom USB flash drive for marketing? They are typically more expensive than something like a traditional CD-ROM or printed collateral, right?

Yes, but…

You can’t categorize a custom USB flash drive and a typical piece of optical media as comparable items. They might both be designed to deliver content or data, but they are very different things. We wanted to clarify on this, so that if you’re considering using a custom USB flash drive for your marketing…especially if you’ve historically used anything other than one, and you’re contemplating them…you really understand these nifty little pieces for what they are.

Custom USB flash drives are not just decorated computer peripherals with your company logo on them. These are marketing pieces that effectively combine promotional use, content delivery, long term practical usefulness, and brand impression return.  You might think there’s a lot of promotional products that can have your name stamped on them, but, does a mini flash light or zippo lighter have the same day to day personal and professional benefit of a flash drive? No. More than ever before, people are consuming and creating content with computers (music, movies, images) in an electronic format. Flash memory is regularly used for the storage, quick transfer and access, and mobility of this digital content. When you give someone something that has a regular personal and/or professional application, they use it. When they use, it is visible. The number of single customer impressions that a flash drive with a logo will receive is up to 40 times more than a conventional printed piece of advertising (flyer, brochure, or even business card), or promotional product, and they typically tend to stay in use with recipients for an average of about 18 months.

As for the delivery of content or data – custom flash memory does a better job with that as well. We conducted a survey of 75 customers in November 0f last year, specifically seeking clients who had previously utilized a CD-Rom for the provision of data to their respective intended audiences (marketing, internal documentation, video content). The unanimous response was that custom flash drives created significantly better rates of response and engagement, as well as notable increases in website traffic for those who either worked a physical printing of their URL onto the exterior of the drives or into the content itself.

Questions? Contact us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca or leave a comment and tell us on how custom USB flash drives have benefited your marketing.

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