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Promotional flash drives are great tools to create brand awareness and market your business while simultaneously providing value to the recipient/end user. There are a variety of customization methods that you can choose with many  standard USB drive models available without having to go the customizing route to get that particular look you want. We wanted to create a post about finishing technique on flash drives that many clients don’t consider before entertaining ideas on custom molds and shapes, some tips for consideration when the user receives the drives, and lastly some content ideas – all ways that you can kick up your promotional USB flash drive order.

  • Color Finishes – most models we carry can match a PMS color if your company or organization’s logo requires it. We typically ask our clients if one exists before the proofing process to ensure a better match, and we advise the best method of color application. The above image is a drive from a recent order we completed for Blake Jarrett. This particular drive – the Twist USB has a metallic cap. Metallic caps can be powder coated in different colors. The above is an example of a white powder coating application that gives the drive a pretty cool look, and matches the cap to a body color. White contrasts a logo better as well.
  • Logo treatments – You can print a full color or you could engrave your custom USB if it uses a metallic body. Models like the Miniracer, The Twist, or The Vista utilize a metallic casing and can be engraved. Engraving adds a premium aesthetic to your drive.
  • Dual side printing – why only print on one side? Almost all businesses and organizations have a website that needs promotion.
  • Pre-loaded USB datayou don’t have to deliver empty drives to your client. Include a company bio as a .pdf, a digital business card file .(vcf) or even an HTML link that can be launched manually or via autorun. Encourage the user to save the contents of the drive to a folder on their desktop for quick reference if they want to wipe the drive for personal use. We do recommend not partitioning your drives. If you want the end user to receive maximum use out of your promotional USB flash drive, don’t limit their ability to use by attempting to ensure that they don’t remove the data you want them to see. The likelihood of them not using the drive at all if you’re only giving them a certain amount of storage capacity diminishes it’s usefulness and has a tendency to irritate. The whole idea of a custom memory stick is to market, advertise, and communicate – digitally marketing on the drive’s flash memory as well as on the body is a good way to cover all the bases.
  • Packaging – typically custom USB drives come in plastic sheathing. That doesn’t mean you have to deliver them that way. You can contain your drives in customized tins and printed boxes, all of which can also be emblazoned with a company’s logo or information. This is usually a minor cost increase in most cases.
  • Lanyards – Every drive can include a lanyard, and you can also custom print on them. This is another opportunity to introduce a logo or website, and it’s an added element of usefulness if the user can wear the drive around their neck or hang it with a lanyard.

We’re at your disposal with any question you might have, and can proof you a variety of different ways and work with you to achieve the desired look and feel for your custom flash drive order. Need more information? Contact us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca or Request A Quote to get a proof going.

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