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We had the pleasure of working with the Canada Foundation For Innovation recently for a customized USB flash drive project they decided to do before the Christmas holiday. They chose one of our key style models – a flat panel USB style that is significantly thinner than conventional drives and utilizes a slightly different looking contact. They fit into standard USB ports on both Mac and PC and have a cool premium look. These kinds of drives are ideal for conventions, trade shows, and conferences as they make a great promotional giveaway. They’re equipped – like all of our drives – with USB 2.0. Recently – we had a question from a customer asking what exactly USB 2.0 is…so we thought we’d explain.

Universial Serial Bus (USB) 2.0  – commercially released in 2001 – was a complete overhaul of the Universal Serial Bus input/output bus protocol which allows significantly higher speeds than the older USB 1.1 standard did (USB 2.0 has a raw data rate at 480Mbps – a forty fold increase). The goal of the new serial bus was to widen the range of external peripherals that could be used on a computer through a significant increase in data transfer speed, and this was one of the reasons why USB flash drives and the standard itself became so popular. Many consumers saw this a way out of the proprietary hardware world. Along with this, custom USB flash drives came into their own as a promotional utility. Companies and organizations suddenly had highly useful and portable methods of quickly storing, physically sharing, and distributing information and data, and with the increase in storage capacity, branded promotional flash drives rose in popularity. As a result, promotional USB flash drives have become products of choice for companies to market themselves as they are uniquely useful and attractive, but they also became excellent mediums for the delivery of content. Everything – from the distribution of conference or event information, to audio and video, to elaborate multimedia delivery suddenly had a medium that aside from providing it’s recipient with data, also had an immediate personal usefulness. Increasingly, we’re seeing interesting and cool uses of personalized USB flash drives – like the Beatles limited edition box set on USB released last year or the awesome release of the latest Star Trek film on a super cool custom promotional flash drive.

We’re at your disposal with any question you might have, and can proof you a variety of different ways and work with you to achieve the desired look and feel for your custom flash drive order. Need more information? Contact us at info AT standardmedia DOT ca, look through our custom USB flash drive catalogue,  or Request A Quote to get a proof going.

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