Finalizing A Master Disc

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Ottawa CD DuplicationCD and DVD duplication and replication is a process that creates in most cases (if done properly) an exact bit to bit copy of the source that’s been submitted – the source sometimes being a “master disc” of content. I like these because we perform a verification that the copies we’re producing are exact bit-to-bit reproductions of the master source we receive. It’s an important part of the process, but every so often we get a master disc (CD or DVD) that is an “open session“. What is open session you might ask. Well…I’ll answer that for you.

Have you ever recorded a CD or DVD disc, only to have it not work when you go to play it back? If so, it is likely because the master CD, DVD or a Blu-ray disc has not been finalized and remains an open session. In short – it means the disc still thinks there’s information to be added to it.¬†Finalization of a recorded optical disc, also known as “closing” or creating a “closed session”, is the process of writing out support data, including DVD menus, enhanced elements on the disc, or table of contents and directory data, to enable it to play on all other systems. Once a blank CD or DVD has been finalized, it cannot have any more data written on it.

Finalizing a CD or DVD is important, especially if you’re making copies and intend to use a physical master source. Disc finalization ensures that it will be able to be played back on other devices like set-top players, desktop and laptop computers, video game consoles, home stereos, car stereos, and more. Once the disc is closed, the contents cannot be written or erased by other users.

Here’s a quick link to burn a master disc on a Mac. Here’s one for Windows.

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