DVD Authoring and Encoding

DVD authoring is the process of adding graphics and interactive content to a DVD. This might include an opening logo, main menu page, index, or scene selection. It can also incorporate audio options such as two-channel stereo or 5-channel surround sound, multiple video formats, and other features. We’ve all seen the dynamic and captivating menus and special features sections of our favourite DVD releases, some of which truly augment the way we enjoy movies. This is all done through authoring and it’s considered an approach to tweaking the overall video product — giving it added elements and features that can really make an impression.

DVDs have endless applications and potential as dynamic marketing pieces. Often times we encounter clients who have a variety of video snippets — and in most cases — in a variety of formats. We can take what you have and create a lasting, professional looking DVD product before the replication or duplication stage. We can also convert or tweak your video for optimized use on the web. Find out why we’re considered Ottawa’s DVD authoring experts!

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