CD & DVD Packaging

CD Jewel Case


CD Jewel Case

We all have lots of these at home. The jewel case is the most commonly used and recognizable CD case in the market. CD jewel cases can house a variety of tray card, booklet, and inserts — and come in a variety of different styles and colours. This packaging option is commonly used for audio and software products. Request a quote!

DVD Amaray Case


"DVD Case" - Traditional DVD Amaray Case

The most commonly used and recognizable DVD case in the market is the Amaray case (named after a well-known manufacturer of the cases). It opens like a book and it is the standard for most live concert and entertainment DVDs. This is a popular selection for DVD projects, especially if you want it to have the “retail” look. The Amaray case can also house a variety of print inserts, such as the DVD trap sheet: a piece of print that sits on the exterior of the case, acting as the cover. You can include multiple or single-panel rectangular inserts inside the case, and there are many variations that house multiple DVDs. Request a quote!

Printed Mini Jacket

Printed CD Jacket

*also referred to as "printed CD sleeve", "printed mini jacket", or "printed mailer".

This is an environmentally friendly option

These printed pieces are ideal for mailing campaigns, kit folder add-ins, and catalogues on disc. Small, compact, and ideal for the preservation of the disc inside, printed mailers are becoming more and more common in the market as the packaging option of companies who are adding a CD or DVD component to a box product such as tutorial DVDs or CD-ROMs. As an important added bonus, a printed mailer is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based packaging. Request a quote!

CD & DVD Digipak


Standard CD Digipak

This is an environmentally friendly option

The standard digipak — used for both CD and DVD — continues to be the packaging option that offers the best combination of the durability of a jewel case and the attractiveness of a printed mailer. With lots of surface area for printing and ample room for the inclusion of an attractive design, digipaks significantly add to the look of a software piece or communications-oriented project. Housing a glued plastic tray to hold the disc, it has the feel of a jewel case but the look of a hard cover book. One of the most attractive and economical ways of creating a visually captivating CD or DVD piece. We do short run digipak orders in as minimal a quantity as 100 pieces.

New, 100% recycled CD & DVD Digipak® trays with at least 35% post-consumer waste content are now available. Request a quote!



"Standard CD Eco Wallet" - also referred to as 2 panel printed mailer or birthday card mailer

This is an environmentally friendly option

In a nutshell, these are board stock jewel boxes. They enjoy the benefits of a printed mailer, but have two panels, and a single insert sleeve. They have abundant surface area for printing and the inclusion of an attractive design, and are compact and open like a book. With no plastic, they are also a considered a very environmentally friendly choice. Our eco-wallets all use 100% recycled board stock, and come in a rough matte or UV gloss finish. We do short run eco-wallets in as minimal a quantity as 100 pieces. Request a quote!

Paper and Plastic Sleeves

Standard Paper Sleeve

Basic and economical, standard paper and plastic sleeves rely on the face of the disc to tell the user or customer what your project is all about. Sometimes the best solution for a project is nothing fancy at all, and this packaging option is available for standard-sized CD and DVDs, as well as shaped CDs, and mini CDs. Request a quote!