Custom USB Flash Drives


Custom USB Flash Drives Canada

USB Flash Drives are excellent content delivery pieces and one of the most effective promotional items

Whether it’s basic documentation, an interactive flash presentation, video, PowerPoint files or PDFs, using a USB flash drive provides the user with a product that they will undoubtedly use in both their professional and personal lives.

Another important consideration — unlike most optical media like CDs and DVDs, they’re re-usable. That’s why we’re positioning ourselves as North America’s leading supplier of USB flash drives. Do you need 50 drives in 2 days? We can do that. Do you require 20,000 drives with your company’s logo on them? No problem. Looking for a USB Flash Drive that’s a little out of the ordinary? Customized to reflect your organization’s look and feel? We can help. We specialize in quick turnarounds and high-grade quality pieces.

We can preload any data on your USB Flash Drives, such as: software demos, music, multimedia presentations, PowerPoint slide shows, movies, and PDF product brochures.

Here are a few different options for setting up USB Flash Drives:

  1. Preloaded files can be removed by users to free up flash drive space.
  2. Alternatively, files preloaded on the USB Flash Drives can only be read and opened but not erased by the user. The rest of the space on the custom USB Flash Drive can be used to store the user’s personal data.
  3. Sometimes the client will not be expected to open the files you have preloaded on the Flash Drive (for example, if you’re distributing a multimedia presentation that uses audio files, videos and photos).   Using the Autorun feature, your preloaded content will open automatically every time the drive is inserted into a computer. Autorun files can either be made erasable or non-erasable. In addition, any website can be auto-loaded when the USB Flash Drive is plugged in.
  4. An alternate approach to the Autorun technique is to have a menu automatically appear upon initial insertion of the USB Flash Drive. The menu will offer the user the option to review the material preloaded onto the drive or to “cancel” and browse the drive manually. It is a unique way to make sure the customer considers reviewing the preloaded information without being too pushy.
  5. With the logo Autorun option, the chosen logo will appear on screen each time the USB Flash Drive is plugged into a computer. After a couple of seconds the logo will disappear and the device can be used as a regular USB drive. With this unique feature, your branding is re-inforced each time the drive is used.
  6. Instead of seeing the default “Removable drive x” icon when the USB Flash Drive is inserted, we can have your logo set as the drive icon and give the drive a custom name. When the device is inserted into a computer the drive icon will have both your name and logo on it.

We run data transfer checks on all of our drives during the load process and much like our CD and DVD manufacturing, we test every piece as it comes off our production queue. Our goal is to make the process easy for you. Visit our FAQ section to see answers to some of the common questions related to terminology, process and options with USB Flash Drives.

We offer a variety of different colours and options. Please contact us if you have a request for a custom USB Flash Drive design.