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We Set The Standard In Website Design and Development

Your web site is the most important essential element of your business or organization for a variety of reasons. The majority of consumers use the web as their primary resource when seeking out products and services. Your customers are gauging whether you are a credible organization to do business with often based on how you are presenting yourself as well as your services online, and they’re expecting to find what they’re looking for in a resourceful and informative environment – easily and efficiently. Standard Media can help you with covering the three “-bilities” – with your web presence, the essential elements that make up successful web sites for small to medium sized business.

Visibility – You can’t afford to be non existent on searches. Your business or organization is distinct and deserves to be front and center. If your customers can’t find you, how can they expect to do business with you? We pride ourselves on our ability to optimize your site for search. Our approach to SEO for SMB includes not just creating a web presence that is easily found, but that also retains, persuades, and converts your visitors and potential customers while simultaneously creating a distinctive and unique position for your business or organization online.

Credibility – The internet is a massive and increasingly expanding place. How and why is your business different than your competitor online? We create distinctive, custom, and visually attractive sites that turn your presence on the web into a main line of revenue for your business and establishes your organization as the experts you are.

Convertibility – Your web site needs to be acting as agent of business – much like one of your employees – selling and actively working for you. Conversion simply means how effectively your web site is doing this. Converting your visitors can mean a variety of things, however, they all relate back to the same thing – if your web site is converting your visitors properly, it’s driving business and increasing sales as opposed to simply acting as an electronic business card.

Standard Media Services can help you with our suite of solutions for your business’ web presence. Click through our web portfolio/case studies and testimonials, and learn more about how we can help you.