How To Prepare Your Order For Duplication

CD & DVD Orders

Below you’ll find a list of items that we’ll need from you to start your order.

  1. Signed quote. Check your quote carefully and verify that it is correct before sending it in. If the quote is incorrect, please contact us to get an accurate quote before sending in your order.
  2. Your master. Make sure your master functions exactly the way you want it to before sending it to us. The finished discs you get back from us will be an exact match of the master you send us (unless you’re also ordering post production or authoring). Please make sure your master is labeled with your name and contact information. Ensure that your master is a closed session, meaning that no other information or date is meant to be added to it at a later date. When you are burning your master disc, whether it is CD or DVD, your burning software should ask you if you’d like to close or finalize the session. It’s essential that this is done. Also, try burning your master at as slow a speed as you can to reduce the likelihood of degenerated data integrity. We do a spot inspection of the masters we receive, and give them a grade to ensure playability and duplication quality.
  3. Your graphics materials. If you supply your graphics files on a CD-R, be sure to enclose a physical printout of what the design will look like. Generally, we like to receive artwork either via email or our client extranet. For each job, we ask for you to provide your graphic files three ways:
    • A PDF version of the artwork;
    • An EPS version of the artwork with all fonts converted to outlines and included
    • A JPEG version of the artwork at 300 DPI.
    • We prefer a Photoshop Pallet Size: 200mm SQUARE-Image Size: 118mm round. Don’t put a center hole, but simply mark the center with an “X”.
    • Allow a 2-3 mm bleed without critical information from 115 mm to 118 mm.
    • Show all layers if possible.
  1. We know it seems like a lot of work, but it enables us to fix something on our end if we need to, and bother you less. We like the process where you give us what we need once and then work on getting the order done with minimal back and forth.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) documentation. We need to know that you own the rights to reproduce the product you’re ordering. Without a completed IPR form we cannot start your order.
  3. Your payment. We can’t start your project without payment. Depending on what you’re ordering we’ll require a 60% deposit or prepayment in full. (Your product specialist will let you know.) If paying by check or money order, please include it with your order. If you’d rather pay by credit card instead, you can use our convenient on-site payment option through PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.