Standard Media’s collective 15 years of media experience has garnered us a reputation for introducing simplicity into the process. Select a service offering on the left to learn more about what we do. Also check our monthly deals on product on our Special Offers page.

Common questions and statements we hear from many of our clients:

We’ve got you covered. We’re going to make it easy. We’re going to get this done for you.

“I Need 500 CDs yesterday! Can you help?”

No problem. Contact us with our quote request form. You can also check Short Run CD & DVD Services. 24 hour turnarounds on disc orders is a snap with us. This is our specialty! Have you checked our Special Offers?

“I’ve got a master CD ready to go, but I’m not sure what kind of packaging option I’m looking for. I know I don’t want to use a jewel case… any suggestions?”

Yes, we offer a wide array of packaging options for your CD or DVD project. We are also considered Ottawa’s source for environmental packaging options for CD & DVD projects.

“I have 20 minutes of video footage that I need converted”

We can encode that onto DVD and package it in a professional manner. We are Ottawa’s DVD Authoring, Editing, and Conversion Experts!

“Our organization is looking at doing an interactive CD. Is this something you do?”

We offer custom multimedia solutions as part of our service offering. Interactive CDs and DVDs is one of our key specialties. Have you checked out our Splash Page Packages in our work samples? Also check out Effective CD & DVD Solutions 101: Splash Pages on our blog, Pleased To Media.

“What is a DVD-9? What is Blu-Ray?”

Understand the differences between these and other DVD formats.

“I need 500 USB sticks in two weeks…”

No problem as well. We’re Ottawa’s USB Flash Drive Experts. Contact us, and we can show you a variety of different kinds of USB products, as well as how to upload a custom graphic, and even a content presentation that you may want on a partitioned drive to leave a lasting impression with your customers! Check out our blog for tips on how we effectively use flash drives for our clients.

Have you checked our Special Offers?

“Is there a way that I can manage my web site on my own?”

Absolutely. Our web design and development team can put together a solution that makes administration a snap. Check out our work samples.